Welcome to the home of  the BullHammers.

Are you fed up with too many crap death-metal, metalcore and whining emo kids around, feel the need for raw straight in your face old school working class RNR?

BullHammers from Nijmegen Holland.


Wel what's the story?


Been awhile for those who care, Phat Pad was a bit busy. But we got a show comin' up:


Ede, café 545 , 17 mei ‏ 2012 doors at 15.00pm

Comitatus, Adaptor, BullHammersSexession, Dead Man's Walk, Mortal Form, Wicked Mystic, Seita
(Laatste trein rchting Nijmegen op 17 mei gaat om 02.24 uur)

more info comes as it arrives!



The BullHammers 2011



We recorded a 3-song promo with Riza's 120db studio and I feel happy about it. On our myspace and in the media-section you can check out the songs, "Exception", "Joe" and Sheer Terrors "Here to Stay" ENJOY!!!


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